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national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at noon, "on your side." >> a live look from the convention center for the funeral service for chuck brown about to begin any minute now. lining up to say their goodbyes to the man known as the godfather of go-go. many big names are attending
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today's memorial service. john? >> there are more than 14,000 people inside for this special memorial service. pretty much all of the seats are taken. this is the program they are handing out at the door for the thousands of fans to say goodbye to the godfather of go-go. each fan has a special story. hundreds of people started lining up well before the road were blocked and before the doors were opened. >> chuck brown was wonderful. he was such a legacy. >> inside, mourners are greeted by a montage as they walk by and the casket. >> 1986 my wife for graduating and chuck brown was doing a live report from the hotel room. i left my wife in the hotel.
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>> many fans had a chance to meet the 75-year-old godfather of go-go. today, those here are adopting this day as chuck brown day. >> he never turns you down. >> i used to sneak in the theater on the side of the building and we used to watch him. >> he passed away two weeks ago before falling ill to and ammonia. today, his nearly four-hour memorial service feels like a final concert for the thousands of loyal fans. >> no matter what is on your back or what is in your life of. >> mayor vincent gray, council member marion barry, and even
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celebrities will be attending today. >> thanks so much. let's take another look back inside. marion barry just arriving. still waiting on the mayor to arrive and several others. we'll check in on it later in the newscast. go to to see pictures from his career and feel free to leave comments. we are following breaking news from the university of maryland baltimore county as the search for a gun on campus is now over. now there is strong evidence that the gunman is no longer in the area. nobody was injured. the campus is resuming its normal activities. breaking news from northwest washington where a water main
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break has shut down several lanes of traffic on connecticut avenue. >> that section along connecticut avenue still closed during this hour. water officials say they have about 400 water main breaks per year but most are during the winter. they are considering this unusual and an inconvenience for the businesses along this block. a 12-inch pipe burst. >> the office manager already texted everyone that there was a water main break. >> d.c. water officials believe the source is a 65-year-old line beneath n street. the water to dupont circle was cut off and businesses were forced to shut down. joseph's family owns the kid's
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closet. he wants to make sure the doors can open for business. >> you obviously a lose sales. >> being out of water service even for a couple of minutes is an inconvenience. as soon as we get a handle on where the water is coming from then we can focus on getting water restored. >> crews are now working to patch and reopened this a busy stretch of the st.. they hope to have that done as soon as possible, perhaps in the next hour or two. meanwhile, many of these businesses have already shut down for the day. >> thanks so very much. it is a nice morning outside but that could change tomorrow. adam caskey has a first look at
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our forecast. >> a beautiful day today. it is comfortable outside. let's go to our weatherbug network. i love this camera at the elementary school where you can see just a few clouds in the sky this morning. now pretty much total sunshine. you can see the trees shaking from the northwest wind. 76 degrees now in vienna. almost in the 70's everywhere. low to mid 80's for high temperatures this afternoon. changing conditions for tomorrow. i will have more in a few minutes. >> don't forget. you can get the updated forecast any time on check in with the entire weather team there. more than two dozen bus
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companies have been shut down because of safety violations. in all 233 bus routes are affected. a year-long investigation by federal safety experts. we have a construction alert for drivers on the capital beltway. from 8:00 tonight until 5:00 monday morning. pretty much the entire weekend. only two lanes will be open. drivers are encouraged to use local lanes tomorrow. we are learning more about the two men killed in an airplane crash on monday. they died after a mid-air collision. the other pilot survived. duncan played a key role in
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helping the chilean miners survive until they were rescued. a maryland task force now revealing a controversial court ruling on pitbulls today. ruling that owners can be held liable for dog bites. tuition is headed up at the university of maryland system. a 3% increase was approved for students starting this fall. for college park's student, that means $7,175 a year. president george w. bush back at the white house today for the unveiling of their official presidential portraits. it will be added to the other
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previous collection on display. we will have coverage of eight starting at 5:00 this afternoon. the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee did not make it past the qualifying round. if only she would have spelled of the word -- lori anne madison said she enjoyed the experience. >> it was an exciting until the point when i had to spell that word. i was stressed out. after i got eliminated -- all of the other kids were stressed out, too. >> she says she is excited and will compete next year. 50 contestants made it to the semifinals. coming up on abc7 news, we are going to check in again on the chuck brown funeral service.
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the family has just arrived at. thousands of folks are there now. y 1 city wants to ban all large servings of soda .
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>> you are taking a live look right now at the funeral for the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. we will check back in a little later on with more on at this service. a little break right now.
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we will have more updates throughout the newscast. could banning large size sodas help prevent obesity? new york city is considering a plan to outlaw sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. the mayor says they are "empty calories that cause people to gain way." critics say the government should not get involved in what people choose to drink. we want to know what you think about this. vote in our online survey. do you agree with the proposal? tropicana facing a lawsuit over its claim to sell natural orange juice. a group of 20 people suing the company saying the juice is over processed with flavor packs.
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of the former college student convicted of using a web cam to spy on his gay roommate is expected to start serving his prison sentence today. he was convicted of bias intimidation and other charges back in march. his roommate committed suicide back in september 2010 days after he used a web can watching him kissing another man. and north carolina jury returned to the courthouse in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. the judge did not give any indication of whether the panel is close to a verdict. edwards isthe former redskins quarterback urging people to get tested for a potentially fatal condition. joe theismann stopped by this
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morning and talked about the team's newest acquisition a new quarterback. >> he is a very bright young man and a wonderful personality. terrific athlete. he has the team are around him. >> joe says he probably does not know how much pressure is on him which is probably a good thing. he is somebody you can get behind and get excited about. >> it was fun talking to joe between commercials during the show today. i call him robert now. >> a first name basis. what is it looking like outside today? >> mark that on your calendar. enjoy it and get outside and enjoy it this day while it lasts. tomorrow, we will have a good
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chance of thunderstorms. the sun was up at 5:45 a.m. closer to 8:30 a.m. 14 hours 32 minutes of daylight today. the days are getting longer or our daylight is getting longer as a will through mid june. temperatures now are looking pretty good. a little bit cooler in the shenandoah valley. 81 degrees reagan national. in the district, we could make it to 85 degrees. here is the key today. the north wind, the refreshened north wind dropping the humidity. when the dewpoint is in the 50's, it is feeling good at this time of year. 70 degree dewpoints like earlier
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in the week is when the humidity is repressive. it will drop again for the upcoming weekend. we have this area of low pressure in the center of the country. that is going to track to the west. this air right here is going to get pulled into washington tonight and especially throughout the day tomorrow. a lot of instability in our atmosphere which means a good potential for thunderstorms tomorrow. i think there is a pretty good chance of some strong and severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening between 4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. look how active is tomorrow. our futurecast usually is not that aggressive with thunderstorms. i think it adds to the potential and reasoning for some
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strong storms tomorrow. a lot of wind shear tomorrow which means there are a lot of twists in the wind which may mean we could see some tornadoes. it is a possibility. tonight, partly cloudy. the clouds will be increasing tomorrow morning. a few peaks of sunshine helping to destabilize the atmosphere. we are under the strong possibility of a strong to severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening including the drive home. other than that, we are looking pretty good into the weekend. >> just another reason to enjoy today. the secret millionaire is back on the abc. following america's most successful business people. one of them is a world-renowned artist, joining us live now to
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talk about the show. good afternoon. >> how are you? >> let's talk about your experience. scott, you came from humble beginnings yourself. what did you learn? >> i grew up in new jersey myself but i never lived in an area like newark, new jersey. i lived in a nicer community but i learned there are so many people out there that are hurting and the best thing to do is try to help if you can gain big >> you did not have that opportunity, growing up on the west coast. this must have been a total culture shock for you. >> absolutely. it was completely the polar opposite of what i had grown up around. it was an eye opener to be put in that situation and
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experience what a lot of other people are going through. it is the only way to get the full effect. be a part of it and help them. >> it is great that you had the opportunity to do that when so many people do not. we will get to see on sunday the end result. what do you take away from this now to move forward yourself? >> i take away that i got my priorities a little more in jack. i understand now the things i have are not as important as they work or i thought they were in my life. health and family and having people all around you who love you is more important. knowing where your next meal is going to come from, knowing where you are going to sleep is more important. none of it can be taken for granted. we could be on the street just
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like so many people we were trying to help on the show. you have to live every day the way it is. >> that is suddenly the truth of these days. thank you for joining us. good luck to both of you. the season premiere of "secret millionaire" is right here on abc7. coming up, find out which is better for your baby. breast feeding or formula. >> nobody is talking about it.
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>> a new study says it breastfed
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♪ ♪ >> taking another look at the funeral for the godfather of go- go, chuck brown. we told you there would be music, and there is music. this is the celebration of the life of chuck brown. stay tuned for full coverage this afternoon. hopefully you get a chance at some point to get outside. >> tomorrow, the first half of the day. be aware of some strongest
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